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   Hello to everybody. Let I say a few words about me. I have been in betting business for 16 years now. All over 16 years I was a part of some great VIP groups. Mostly on verified platforms, as is betavisor. I get a lot of experinces during this period. And I can sadly say that we have a lot of suspisious matches all over the world. And these matches are my speciality. I am focused on H2H matches and on possible cooperation. So.. around 75% of my picks will be on this way... Others will be based on stats and infos. Come and you will see ''strange'' matches. Good luck

   I am a 35 year old man, betting on Sports, mainly basketball for 15-20 years. In those years i have made and lost lots of money, but gathered a lot of experience and a vast knowledge in basketball. Main focus will be on Fiba Leagues and national leagues of European countries. I will not post on NBA as NBA markets are simply the toughest to read and follow. My betting style are mostly over/under bets accumulated from statistics and from my sources all around Europe. I have good connections in Czech republic, Slovakia and Serbia, but my real speciality is Mexican LNPB from where you can expect high stake bets. My standard bets will be 3/10 and 4/10, to follow my picks you have to have a William Hill account, Pinnacle account and bet365, those three bookies wil cover 95% of my bets. I will not promise a roi of 20-30%, because that would be unrealistic. My goal is to keep a stable roi between 8-15%. Number of picks per month will be from 30-50, maybe a little bit more until April, because these are basketball months. My picks will come with a brief analysis of the game and reasoning for my bet. I hope you will enjoy them...


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